What does it cost to maintain this outdated infrastructure?


  • Massive outdated grid is very costly to upgrade and maintain
  • Ever-expanding communities need even more infrastructure
  • Historic annual rate increase 67% over last 15 years, projected 4-5% next several years to support infrastructure expansion
  • Leads to unpredictable kWh rate plans (sliding scale)

You’re investing in the Utility Company with no return on your investment.

Is all of this necessary in our modern age? Imagine a world without expensive complexity.

  • Reduce your dependence on the utility company
  • Invest in your own power infrastructure and build equity in your property
  • Own your electricity rather than “renting” it from the utility
  • Become energy independent and less reliant on “The Grid”
  • Protect yourself from continuous rate hikes from the power company
  • Decrease your monthly and annual energy expenses
  • Control long term recurring monthly costs
  • Increase the value and equity in your home
  • Capture the federal tax credits and receive 30% of your installation

And here’s the bottom line:


Upfront costs

  • Cost for Solar System / Equipment
  • Cost for Installation
  • Monthly Connection Fee
  • Ongoing Maintenance, Repair, Service
  • 24/7 Monitoring Included


Federal Tax Credit

*expires 2019

Your monthly solar payment is money you are already paying each month for electricity.

Every 60 seconds someone goes solar in the US.

Invest in your family today.

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